November 2022: Dr. Mazza on the Third Secret of Fatima, Papacy, Tychonius Hypothesis, Judas Complex, March 2022 Consecration, and more

For November 2022, we welcome back Dr. Mazza to discuss the Third Secret of Fatima, the Papacy, the Tychonius Hypothesis, Malachi Martin and the “Judas Complex,” what a good Catholic should do if the Mass becomes invalid, the March 2022 “Consecration” by Francis, and live viewer Q&A.

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:03:23 – Dr. Mazza introductory statement
  • 00:04:59 – The 3 Secrets of Fatima
  • 00:07:40 – What we know about the contents of the 3rd Secret
  • 00:14:31 – About Sr. Lucia\’s difficulty in writing down the 3rd Secret
  • 00:19:23 – About 1952 interview with Lucia and the the bearing of the 3rd Secret on the Papacy
  • 00:22:22 – Can Catholics \”resist\” the Pope?
  • 00:25:20 – On recent remarks by Archbishop Viganò and how they relate to Fatima and Bergoglio
  • 00:34:12 – On Robert Morrison\’s article in The Remnant regarding holding an imperfect council on the pope
  • 00:35:37 – Dr. Mazza explains the details involved in judging popes ( what is an imperfect council, how the presumption of innocence cannot apply)
  • 00:41:25 – Dr. Mazza regarding whether or not such a council is needed, since Bergoglio has already declared himself a heretic by proclaiming heresy ( referring to Sept. 16 statement by several Bishops rebuking Beroglio\’s comments on the reception of Holy Communion )
  • 00:52:55 – Dr. Mazza analyzes Archbishop Viganò\’s remarks on the Papacy, Vatican II, and the relation to the vision of the 3rd Secret. He talks about the 2 comments by Jacinta to Lucia regarding visions of the Holy Father.
  • 01:02:19 – George asks a question regarding Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi in 1995 and his comment on the Third Secret (“In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”)
  • 01:06:03 – Viewer question regarding \”St Joseph blessing the world with the Child Jesus.\”
  • 01:09:55 – George and Dr. Mazza discuss the challenges in spreading the message of Fatima
  • 01:13:10 – George asks a question: Why is Benedict doing what he\’s doing?
  • 01:19:56 – Guest asks a question: What is the Tychonius Hypothesis? What does he mean when he said \”the elect of the church will be driven out?\” ( )
  • 01:32:23 – Guest asks a question regarding Malachi Martin and the \”Judas Complex.\” ( )
  • 01:40:16 – George comments regarding all of the resources at the Fatima Center, including \”Crucial Truths to Save your Soul,\” and also plugs Dr. Mazza\’s courses.
  • 01:43:03 – Guests asks a question: What should we do if it looks like the Mass will become invalid?
  • 01:45:24 – George asks Dr. Mazza his thoughts on the March \”Consecration\” and whether or not God was offended by that. Discussion turns towards the importance of dates, and France and the Revolution (due to a similar scenario).
  • 01:52:00 – Closing statement by Dr. Mazza: What should a Catholic do today?
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